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Everything you need to make your house your castle and keep it that way.

If you feel it's time for a quick lift of a room this is the section for you. Sometimes you can get a bit sick of the way a room is looking but it's not yet time to update the furniture, that's when we take a look at the homewares page!

First port of call is that your furniture may need a clean or polish, this can be an easy way to lift the look of the furniture.

Once that's been done, dive into our soft furnishings page to see what new colours and textures you can introduce into your home to make it feel brand new!

Switch up the texture of your rug and try a new colour, match it with new feather inner cushions and BAM... new room look!

The easiest way to give your bedroom a lift can be with soft furnishings or a new duvet set, have a look in our Manchester section and get inspired.