The Target 2023 Organising Committee is pleased to announce our curated program for the theme “Targeting a New Era of Discovery.”


  Topic/Title Type Description Speaker
8.30 Registration
8.50 Opening address and acknowledgement of country
9.00 Putting time and dynamics into improved Mineral Systems prediction Keynote 1 Review of initiatives and developments adding sophistication to Mineral Systems understanding Nicole Januszczak
9.40 Large-scale crustal architecture: A first-order control on multiple mineral systems Talk 1 Regional isotopic mapping, linking crustal-scale architecture and world-class ore-province formation, offers the potential to reduce search space by 90%. David Mole
10.00 Redefining an Archean boundary Talk 2 Moving terrane boundaries Raphael Quentin-de Gromard
10.20 Spatial periodicity in self-organized mineral systems Talk 3 How some of the world richest mineral provinces show surprisingly predictable ore clustering patterns, with emphasis on Au and base-metals. Nick Hayward
10.40 Morning tea
11.10 Drilling with a dynamic targeting feedback loop Talk 4 Currently geoscientists choose between making real time decisions using visual observations or waiting weeks or months for laboratory data to enable more informed choice. How can we use technology to change these workflows? Michelle Carey
11.30 A paradigm shift: How continuous, solid-3D digital core is future-proofing the way we explore, mine and process deposits – Critical Mineral and Gold Deposit Case Studies Talk 5 Heidi Pass
11.50 Geologically-appropriate feature engineering for mineral exploration Talk 6 Identification and validation of mineralization targets using multi-disciplinary geoscientific data Rebecca Montsion
12.10 How to use a decision-making process to target geochemical anomalies based on frequency and Bayesian frameworks Talk 7 Decision-making under uncertainty for geochemical sampling and mineral potential targeting Behnam Sadeghi
12.30 Lunch
13.50 Exploration models for lithium pegmatites Keynote 2 Synthesis plus connections to structure, evolution, key problems for exploration Kathryn Goodenough
14.30 Recent advances in the understanding of magmatic nickel sulfide systems and newly developed exploration tools Talk 8 Working across the scales relevant to targeting and exploration for nickel sulphides Margaux Le Vaillant
14.50 Barcoding the geochemistry of Archean basalts Talk 9   Hugh Smithies
15.10 The Julimar Intrusive Complex and Associated Orthomagmatic Ni-Cu-Co-PGE deposits Talk 10 What worked to discover a giant deposit in the unloved western Yilgarn 70km from Perth! Kevin Frost, Bruce Kendall
15.30 Afternoon Tea and Poster Session: Poster Session 3
16.00 Revealing Australia’s lithospheric architecture for exploration targeting: Advances from the $225 M Exploring for the Future program (2016 – 2024) Talk 11 Mineral Systems and lithospheric architecture from surface to mantle. Advances by the Australian Government’s $225 M Exploring for the Future program (2016-2024). Karol Czarnota
16.20 How magnetotelluric data from multiscale surveys can help to image the footprint of mineral systems in covered terrane Talk 12 Multi-scale application of magnetotellurics to minerals targeting Wenping Jiang
16.40 The use of zircon and apatite as metallogenic fertility indicators in Archean orogenic gold systems Talk 13 We explore the applicability of accessory minerals as pathfinders in Archean-age gold systems using examples from the Yilgarn Craton Chris Fisher
17.00 New horizons in predictive science Talk 14 new scientific knowledge necessary for a step change in the predictive power of exploration already exists, but is simply not implemented Marco Fiorentini
17.20   Close   Graham Begg, Cam McCuaig
17.30 Drinks